Kuldeep M Pai is an accomplished Indian classical musician and composer with an intrinsic sense of melody and creativity. He has mastered the playing of instruments including several percussion mediums. This versatile artist who is also a keen learner, has learnt and imbibed  the nuances of western classical music as well. In his ever expanding horizon of music, he delves deeper and deeper into the art form, exploring its core essence with dedication, conviction and undeterred devotion.

Music, to Kuldeep, is a metaphysical medium which arrays the world in perfect alignment with the Ultimate energy. An in- depth understanding of the quintessence of this divine art form combined with a staunch adherence to our Santhana Dharma has persuaded Kuldeep to transcend the stylistic aspects of the art and arrive at its very core, where Music becomes a mere path to Silence.

In his earnest attempt at infusing the plentitude of our cultural heritage in the younger generations, he has conceived and produced a spiritual musical series- ‘Vande Guru Paramparaam’ with a team of talented kids making their musical contributions to the lineage of Gurus of our Sanathana Dharma. The musical videos in this series have reached a million viewers across the globe and won their acclaim too.

Elevating the purpose of art by making it palpable to people beyond boundaries has been Kuldeep’s motto. While awards and recognition pave their way to him, he ceaselessly carries on with his divine journey wherein music is the path and spirituality, his very steps.

Kuldeep’s extensive travels in India and around the globe like Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Mauritius, Re-union Islands and all over Europe as a performing musician made him understand the art to communicate with the world audience through his music.

Kuldeep also devotes his time for teaching school children a lifestyle to understand, appreciate and practice the values and discipline based on Indian Spirituality.

On the personal side, Kuldeep’s wife K.R. Roopa is also a performing musician and they have a little daughter Sivaradhya.

“I have been blessed to have several gurus at different stages of my journey. It is my duty and pleasure to express my sincere gratitude to every one of them. They have not just trained me in the art but also shaped me in framing and planning my career in music.

They are Sri Antony Master, Sri Arun Kumar, Sri Shamsuddeen, Sri N.P. Ramaswamy and Sri O.S.Thiagarajan in Carnatic Vocal;

Sri Dennis Master,Sri Gopakumar Vechur, Sri Kalamandalam Krishnankutty and Sri Mannargudi Easwaran in Mridangam;

Sri Hariharan in Violin and Sri Ramamurthy in Western Classical Piano”. -Kuldeep M Pai

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