Chith Foundation

Please note that, as of now Chith Foundation is not accepting any kind of donations and Kuldeep is producing all the work by himself, out of intense passion for the cultural heritage. We will happily approach you all, if in need! Thanks so much for the support.

 Musical Journey with a Mission

Chith foundation for Arts and Spirituality headed by Kuldeep M Pai is a non-profit  organization started with the main objective of enriching the classism of Indian music and heritage. With its own recording studio, ‘Chith’ plans to bring forth several recordings of various musical genres of Indian background.

So far Kuldeep, through Chith has successfully recorded many musical pieces which are released through YouTube and all of them are huge hits among the audience.

Kuldeep’s recent ambitious project titled ‘Kaivalya Margam’ is planned to present a series of Carnatic music recordings as the outcome of the deep thought process of Kuldeep and are to be executed with a missionary zeal.

Main Objectives of Chith!

* To infuse the abundance of Indian cultural heritage in the younger generations through the art and inspire them! Thus bow before the lineage of Gurus in our culture.

* To teach the children the traditional slokams written by the great sages of Sanatana Dharma and record the music and publish it for free and thus inspire many new children so that they also make it a part of their daily life.

* To encourage and propagate the traditional Indian arts.

* To carry on research and publish literature concerning the the said traditional arts and allied subjects.

* To publish periodicals, books, brochures, bulletins and web contents in all the languages for the purpose of propagating the traditional music, dance and other art forms.

* Organise music and dance festivals, spiritual talks, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, competitions for children across the country especially in rural areas in order to spread this Divine form of art to all sectors of society.

* To organize Educational trips to learn and appreciate the art forms which include temples, museum, historic places etc which symbolize the importance and glory of this ancient art.

* To provide annual scholarships, awards, prizes, stipends and other forms of help for deserving artistes.

* To carry out all or any of the objectives of the Trust either directly or indirectly or in association with anybody or person having similar objectives.

* To raise funds for the purpose of the Trust by donations, by staging and conducting performances.

* To do generally all such things as are necessary or incidental to achieve the objects herein before mentioned and to encourage all other activites conducive to the fulfilment of these objectives.

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