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  • Swetha Kishore

    Very Very Nice !!! Superb Kuldeep Ji !!!

  • Sumanth Reddy A

    Sir, Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • seetha s k

    Very soul touching rendering ,Kuldeep!

  • Ravindra Achyut Deshpande

    You really touches hearts…
    May your SEVA creates more and more such stuff.
    This reminds me a Marathi Song with same meaning;
    बाई विकत घेतला शाम, जन्मो जन्मीच्या श्वासाइतके मोजीयाले हरी नाम, बाई मी विकत घेतला शाम….

  • Sridevi Manoj

    Awesome melody! Wonderfully rendered..

  • Revathi

    Wonderful job sir your songs are heart touching
    Wish you all the best


    Simply Supurb

  • Krishnam

    Kudo’s to your determination in exploring this good stuff from little children. I am showing your videos of Surya Gayatri to my child to get inspired !!!

  • Chandhra Mouleeswaran-MK

    Dear Kuldeep Ji, the video , “…..leeno mol”, Meera Bajan, out of your expert hands and the recital thru your invigorating voice are really emotional. I can experience, the “பக்திப் பரவச நிலை”, Meeraa was in then! And, the river bank! Yamunaa? Ji, you,among the present day videographers world, where mixing is totally used, rather abused!, to make and keep the listeners agitated, are impeccably soothing my Aanmaa! Just like the river flowing ripple less, the audio and video flow like honey,wetting the while mind! ஆன்மாவை அமைதிப் படுத்தும் ப்ரபஞ்ச இசை!

  • Abirami

    The entire team – the illustrious Guru Sri Kuldeepji and all his disciples – is God sent. Thank God for this bounty.

  • Abirami

    The entire team – the illustrious Guru Sri Kuldeepji and all his disciples – is Godsend. Thank God for this bounty.

  • Dhruva Trivedy

    I am a North Indian but have travelled wide. You are doing great work in recognising the talent in children and propagating them. This composition of yours is a fantastic blend of Carnatic, Hindustani and Rajasthani folk music expressed with plenty of devotion. I have become your admirer.

  • Rene

    your passion for singing and devotion, merge in your work. Enviously if I may say so…

  • Saroj Kumar Hota

    A very soothing gifted voice with a pleasant peaceful way of face and execution of voice.Very heart touching.
    It really silences a disturbed mind and takes it to a peaceful, devotional road.

  • R Viswaprasad

    Awesome sir. Keep it up. We are awaiting for some more great devotional songs from you , suryagayatri and kids

  • Kaushik

    No words to express how I feel . Please compose more of Mira bhajans..


    Dear Mr. Kuldeep,

    My entire family, including my 2 year Kid become fan of you, Surya Gayathri & Rahul…!!! What a commitment & delivery in each song. Really divine. We found positive energy & vibration filled in our house when we play these songs…!!! Keep the good work on & on.
    God Bless You…!!!

  • Reply

    O ” my Great respected Dr. Kuldeep M Pai Sir you are A brilliantly Vocalist i am your very big fan from Himalayan Indian Snowy haven State Jammu and Kashmir Jai Ma Vaishno Devi Jai Amarnath ji ki !

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