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  • Raghavendra

    Jai Sri ram jai jai Sri ram

  • Srinvas

    Soorya Gayatri is singing super pls upload latest songs

  • JS

    Super rendition by both guru & shishya. salute to both of you. Request if you could also come out with Naama Ramayanam by the gifted Surya Gayathri. and more such devotional renditions by our dearest Rahul Vellal too. These 2 are my favourites.

  • Sundaresh

    Kuldeep, Thanks for this service to the society.

    would it possible to upload the mp3 versions. Gives the best companion for a safe and happy travel for all !

  • Murty Varanasi

    Excellent. May God bless you and your team with abundant knowledge and wealth to do these type of videos more and more. While special emphasis of baby Suryagayathri, all your singers are singing with utmost clarity and expression. Keep it up. Even Lord Rama needed a Guru. Whatever talent is in the babies they need a Guru like you.

  • viji

    lyrics please

  • Venkatachala Upadhya

    At peace! Bhava is prevailing as it suppose to be. I suppose this is the music, that our dasa parampara was intended. Instruments used are not taking over.


    Great service to the society. I wish you all the best to all.

  • Ratish M

    When you both sing…I can see the GODS in front of me (tears in my eyes)…..Thanks a lot for such beautiful renderings…totally a different touch…Soorya Gayathri ….you are just awesome…… Thank you Kuldeep Sir…

  • राघवेन्द्रः

    बहुशोभनम् अन्तःकरणाह्लादकम् गायनम्। सूर्यगायत्र्याः प्रतिभायाः शब्देषु प्रशंसां कर्तुं न शक्नोमि। तस्याः कृते आशिषाय जगदीश्वरं कामयामि।

  • Dr Partha Banerjee

    Shri Kuldeep. extremely proud of you. Your way of promoting and projecting our great Sanatan dharma is deeply appreciated. Sooryagayathri and your other disciples are all wonderfully gifted Ma Saraswati blessed singers. Being trained by the R.S.S. , I have a deep sense of understanding of our value system. Dharma Rakhshati Rakshitam.
    Jai Sri Ram.

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