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  • Shashikala Kamath

    Wonderful Pai mam. Lilting and melodious. My son Hari( 7 yr old) and me are a great fan of you and Sooryagayathri. Please keep enriching us with your rich music. Thank you.

  • Rajendar Garg

    So Sweet, though I can not understand…..

  • bal krishnan naidu

    very awesome music sungs by children & you. may god bless you all your team

  • Reply

    I have never listen such a great and beautiful song sach as mai Maine govind lino mol before, really u and ur team do a great and wonderful job, very nice lovely 😘😘

  • Rekha Unnikrishnan

    Beautiful song! I cannot stop listening to this. Which language is this?

  • kiran m jadhav

    I really like your videos.i want never listen to your songs and I like sooryagayatri’s very nice and fantastic amazing songs

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