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  • Shashikala Kamath

    Wonderful Pai mam. Lilting and melodious. My son Hari( 7 yr old) and me are a great fan of you and Sooryagayathri. Please keep enriching us with your rich music. Thank you.

  • Rajendar Garg

    So Sweet, though I can not understand…..

  • bal krishnan naidu

    very awesome music sungs by children & you. may god bless you all your team

  • Reply

    I have never listen such a great and beautiful song sach as mai Maine govind lino mol before, really u and ur team do a great and wonderful job, very nice lovely 😘😘

  • Rekha Unnikrishnan

    Beautiful song! I cannot stop listening to this. Which language is this?

  • kiran m jadhav

    I really like your videos.i want never listen to your songs and I like sooryagayatri’s very nice and fantastic amazing songs

  • Janakiram

    My daughter always plays some music..first I didn’t pay attention since,she is always pics songs randomly and enjoyssit …but from few months,she keeps on playing same music again and again everyday..then started exploring what are they and who are they :)? It’s Really awesome job and great music. Great team!.

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