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  • Shiv P. Mohpal

    Sooryagayathri & yourself have sung this Bhajan so melodiously that I was listening it again & again.
    May Lord Ganesh blesses you both and may you keep singing like this for ever.
    My best wishes.

  • Shiv P. Mohpal

    Oh Yes! it’s my request to add lyrics of all these bhajan so that we can also recite it.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Amit srivastav

    what a melodious and soul touching singing it is. Until unless spiritually awakened ,one can not create or sing in such a blissful way. you all are blessed without any doubt.

  • rajesh

    This Bhajan is so melodiously that I was listening it again & again more than 50 times. I cannot stop. What a melodious singing.
    My relatives came from London they used to play songs for small baby to sleep. 3 years small baby also chanting songs. Most of them playing your songs at Ganesh mandapam in Hyderabad. May Lord Ganesh bless both of you and keep singing. I am waiting for your next songs.

    All the best

  • shivani

    sweet and melodious voice that i listen again and again

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