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I craved for ‘masala dosais’ in the childhood but it was a strict ‘no’ from amma appa since they always believed in healthy homely food! But HE granted it in my Chennai bachelor days! Granted it so much so that it was hotel food for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner for long 12 years till I got extremely tired of it!

I craved for travelling abroad! HE granted it. And I was more in flight than in land for a few years and got exhausted!

I craved for an Internal Journey – and HE is granting that too but I didn’t find any tiredness here!

Right from ‘masala dosais’ to the ‘moksha’, HE has been listening and granting! And when it’s HIS job, why should I bother?!

By the way, if any one wants to show their affection through food to me, please don’t give me a restaurant treat! I’m done with street foods to 5 stars! Try to cook something for me! He he… My amma does that these days with so much affection!

Love you all

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  • Chandhra Mouleeswaran-MK

    Dear Kuldeep Sir, well meant words! When we understand that we are a tool in the Universe for all the incidents that, we believe, in our ignorance, are NOT performed by US but by HIM, we begin to go humble. When we shed that நான், எனது, என்னால், எனக்கு என்னும் அகங்காரங்கள், we achieve more and more even without our knowledge. On this, the music is a tool to the tool (us) to unite with the Universal Aanmaa. In that you are bestowed with the Love for the Music. And in that, you are also bestowed with very Divine disciples like Surya Gaayathri, Rajul Vellaas and others. So, without even a wink, go on and on and on without counting the steps taken and those to be taken. The one who has not even the awareness that he is on a Divine Mission, is the true Aanmaa. I congratulate you for taking the route of Divine Music to travel deep and far and wide across the Prapanjam and hope we meet in that travel somewhere along the route!! I myself is on a mission to spread the cause for Natural Agriculture and worship of Five Elements in our Traditional Agriculture. Mother Nature bless you and us and me!—Chandhra Mouleeswaran-MK,—27September2017-Wednesday.

  • Lalitha Sindhuri

    You just inspire me with your music, humility and spirituality sir !!! May god shower all his blessings on you !

  • Gowri

    Kuldeep Sir do you take online class? My son who is 5 years old craves for music and i hope HE grants.

  • sahana(who met in Rishikesh Satsang of Nochur Anna-oct2017)

    RAMAKRISHNA HARI… wonderful post sir… ‘when HE is there to grant, why should we bother’… as Upanishads say ‘listen o children of immortal Bliss’…. indeed we are prince n princesses being children of The richest GUY of The Brahmanda.. 🙂 ..

  • K.Kannan

    Every seeker should at some point of time would have felt the guiding hand of the Supreme in whatever he does and is destined to do.

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