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FB musician page Ethics! Do’s and don’ts!
Just scribbling from my own experience!

1. This is not a mad rat-race!!! This is not the end of the musicianship! If focussed, this could be a platform to make many people happy through our music!

2. Provide genuine original contents for your well-wishers!

3. Never fool them with old snaps as if the updates has happened 1 min before!

4. Continuous snaps with celebrities is shame-shame! Whether they die or are born or they celebrate their achievement-days! What a pity! To push the page likes! Do something unique of your own!

5. Changing the profile pic and cover pic often is an ‘ayye….’ situation! Musician page should brim with music! Not modelling! That too…with extra built-up make-ups!

6. The most comedy is the ‘copy-pasted’ wordings of the great people, used as own wordings! Words should come straight from the heart!

7. Communicate directly with well-wishers, not with an ‘administrator’! He he…

8. Pasted ‘Thank you’ has become an emotionless word when replying the comments! That should come straight from the heart! Reminds us of those mechanical statement ‘Thank you for ur support’ in reality shows!

9. Respect your well-wishers! They are not mere ‘fans’! They have taken their time to come n get updated with your updates.

10. INTENTION matters! FB is a wonderful platform to give your contribution to this world! Not squeezing from the other side!

11. Always be alive with fresh content! Original has value! Copy-cat(ing) is a ridiculous stuff! Replicating is also the same!

PS : no harm intended to anyone through this post! But everyone can think over it if needed!
Love to all,

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