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Each time I get disturbed by the news headings full of hatred, I get more and more convinced that I should concentrate more on children and inspire them so that they will only spread the genuine love!

* Inspire them so that they become ‘loving humans’ than becoming so called ‘intellectuals’! When drenched with love, where is the space for intolerance?! He he…

* Inspire them to become ‘True leaders’ than becoming ‘political student leaders’! Mothers have to plant the love seed in them, no point in blaming the society afterwards!

* Inspire them to become a ‘True Indian’ so that they won’t raise their voice against their own Mother!

I have chosen ‘love’ as my weapon! I know how strong it is! I’m not scared of any one or any thing except the Divine which is shining inside me! Even that scare is just a myth because I’m That!

Mother India.. We, your children are with you always! You have seen many atrocities over the centuries! Many demons came to conquer you! Many came to convert you too! He he.. You must have had a good laugh then! When You were controlling even those barbarians, they were here to convert even You! Poor them…

Mother of mothers, Queen of queens, Bharatha Mathaa.. Seeking your blessings! We are with you!

Little ones.. Love you,
Kuldeep uncle.

(PS…. This post is for the little ones. I’m also one among them. If the adult intellectuals think to refute, pls don’t do it! Consider us as idiots! After all we love to be ‘loving idiots’ than be an ‘idiot intellectual’!)

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  • Sreenivas

    Why do you get disturbed with these nonsense? Why can’t you ignore those hatred things? That is what we expect from you.

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