In My Writings

Original is always original!
Duplicate is always duplicate!
Original ever sustains!
Duplicate never sustains!
A few are born Originals!
They solve a purpose by being Originals! 
Selfless Originals if they are,
That would be an added bonus!

O Lord! U made me see the glimpses of Originals
thru Thyagarajas and Beethovens.
If at all I’m not being chosen for being an Original,
Can u at least shower ur blessings on me
so that I can at least feel these Original’s Originality !
Once in a life time if could really realise their original intention,
Then that makes me Original too!

Drinking the nectar of Originality, Perfection and That’s You ….
You my Lord!
I merging into You! Becoming You!

Love to all,

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