The dogs bark! The Elephant moves along and doesn’t even look back at them!

(About the 2 to 3 percent ‘dislikes’ we get for our hit videos!)

One fine morning I woke up reading this message in my inbox! He claimed, “I proudly dislike your videos.”

I was surprised and thanked him for watching it and asked him politely why he dislikes our videos. He said he is against this culture!

“But why should you take an effort to watch it and ‘dislike’ it?”  I asked.

He replied then – “My faith asks me to abandon these kind of efforts which doesn’t go with my beliefs”!

I just smiled! A beautiful conversation between Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda came to my mind!

Master said to Narendra… “Worldly people say all kinds of things about the spiritually minded. But look here. WHEN AN ELEPHANT MOVES ALONG THE STREET, ANY NUMBER OF CURS AND OTHER SMALL ANIMALS MAY BARK AND MAKE A NOISE, BUT THE ELEPHANT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK BACK AT THEM!”

We are here for a clear Divine cause which is above religion/caste/creed! Music is our path! We don’t aim at fame too! Sooryagayathris and Kuldeeps are just beautiful instruments of the Divine! Something good is happening through us! That’s all! No one can stop this journey until the Divine decides! This is not arrogance! This is conviction and confidence in this spiritual journey!

The dogs bark! The Elephant moves along and doesn’t even look back at them!

Humble pranams to all,

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  • Sharath Raj

    Sir, A right remark to a right person. Super sir i like it. But i tell you onething, that gay is not a bad person because he is clearly mentioned it that his ‘faith’ ask him to dislike your video but not his soul for that reason he saw your entrire video enjoyed it also appreciated Surya Gayathri for her god gifted melodious voice in his mind and finaly disliked the video to protect his faith. So, it is the god’s decision who gave a chance to you both to shake his faith. I hope one day he will realise the mistakes of his faith and will become your dearest follower just like what happened in the life of Swamy Vivekananda.


    Fitting Reply.

  • Purushothaman Krishnan

    Dear Kuldeep,

    Life is like a coin with two sides. Please do not take it to heart the dislike comments. Even in the likes and dislikes, the likes are more. That is one wants. There are umpteen number of persons watching but do not even comment even if they like, like me never made a comment earlier to anybody. If you remember I had written a mail to you with best compliments and you had also replied to me. Sometimes something clicks in your mind and you make a comment. Take everything in right spirits and move forward. All the best to your team. I look forward to more and more songs from you both and your team.

  • Shrikrishna

    Hari Om

    Love You Putta Suryagayathri… Its past six days I am listening to your song… I love it…

    Also pranams to acharya kuldeep paiji… pranams

    Hari Om


  • sindhura

    I am an ardent fan for voice of yesudas and m.s subbalakshmi …this morning i accidentally stumbled upon your videos on youtube and kept listening to some of your devotional songs for hours and instantly liked them. there is divinity in your voice and felt like i was meditating listening to gave me a whole new experience.

    thank you

  • Sridhar

    We are ardent fan of your all musical videos…. especially Charukesi’s and Abirami’s Narayanam song is so beautifully sung… and we hear it daily whenever we get time. Our kids like most of the videos and hum the songs… You and your team is doing a fabulous job and keep rocking as ever!!

    saranam ayyappa song is fantastic… hats of to Soorya Gayathri and you!! And navadurgas song is amazing…

    And one common thing observed and it is fantastic… all your team sings with happiness and lots of enthusiasm.. Radhe govinda song too great!!

    Keep rocking and we are awaiting for your new videos !!!!
    Thank you very much…

  • Rajesh kumar

    Hi sir
    I happend to listen sooryagayathri’s song last day and i really dint have wirds ti explain it. God’s gift only i can say, today i watched your both sings now im became your fan and your follower.
    Thank you for filling happy in my mind with your divine songs. Sooryagayathri is very special.
    With lots if love& regards

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