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The mind soaked in worldliness may be compared to a wet match-stick. You won’t get a spark, however much you may rub it.
– Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa!

Was pondering over this for sometime! Isn’t this same for a musician too?! Rubbing for fame, money and acceptance! The moment you start using your God-given art for commercial purpose it would never spark! It would seem like it is sparking because the world see only celebrity status, but the inside core will be yearning for the truth!

Does that mean we artiste shouldn’t go commercial?! I have experienced a beautiful answer to that! Once you have completely submitted to that Power and once That guides you, RIGHT OPPORTUNITY and MONEY COMES TO YOU rather than YOU GOING BEHIND IT! Then That makes things happen through you and you have no more thoughts left, whether it is commercial or not!

Whatever happening then will be HIS decision.
Vande Guru Paramparaam!

Love to all beings,

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