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  • Swetha Kishore

    Superb !!!!
    Keep up the divine singing. God Bless you !!!

  • Ajay

    Mr.Kuldeep.. I have commented in youtube too.. I dont have any words to say… both are such a fantastic pair.. Soorya is so unique while the boy is electric.. his voice runs through the spine.. its so sharp and crisp.. he can shine like Soorya too.. please encourage them to reach higher levels.. with your guidance it is definitely possible.. And you do a good job on the music part too.. well edited.. please keep these coming..

    More than all.. I respect and love the fact that you dedicate the music to the Lotus feet of Lord Krishna…(or whichever name you call)…
    My best wishes with you all allways!!!

  • ashok Donkena

    I dont have any words to say. I was in tears first time and mesmerised. varnanathitham. Thanks for good work. Please let us know if we can help doing this good work. i may not be big help but whatever to encourage these kids.

  • Surendar

    Wow.. Excellent & soul stirring song…Thanks for spreading divine message..

  • Ajit jagtiani

    No words can truly give justice or express the feelings I get when I listen to these 2 young children sing. They have a very bright future ahead and it’s all thanks to you Mr. Kuldeep. Your composition and music and the tunes combined with the renderings of Soorya and Rahul leave a long lasting impression. May God Bless you and the Children with more and more progress in life so that you continue to produce and present more such divine music for everyone.

  • Avinash Vemula

    Sir we are so blessed to hear the mesmerizing voices from your videos
    The divine chants from children are so clear,crisp and soothing
    Thanks for sharing your great divine work to all of us

  • Mala

    Hi Sir,

    These kiddos are really blessed to have a wonderful guru like you. We really look forward to your music as well as Sooryagayatri and now Rahul…

  • krishna

    Respected Sir,
    God has given you shakthi and bhakthi which we see in the form of sankeertanas by these small kids. You and the children with you, are the GIFT, to all of us. In this mechanized world,I had the feeling that once again the days are here, to sit and listen to a music which brings us TANMAYATHVAM. We thank God for this great piece of work he has done for the people on this EARTH.(In the form of you and the little kids.)The other day I heard this music in the temple in Boston, I was looking around to trace out the children where they are sitting in the temple, I was shocked to know that they are playing from the You Tube. You are doing an Amazeing Job Kuldeepji, may God bless you. Let the forgotten culture be reminded to us through these children. May God give you more and more energy to continue this journey and may God give all those things which you need in that particular hour. My blessings are with you and your kids.

  • Kamatchi

    very very very nice singing… I like both of your singing most… keep up the nice singing.

  • Lekshmy Mahadevan

    Don’t have words to express, I feel like listening to these two kids every day. Feel like they are incarnations of God. Smiling and singing!! Request to make videos of most of the Bhajan songs enabling us to listen. Humble respects for the Great Job!!

  • Balachandar sriramulu

    Dear Sir,I respect your great work and also we encourage these children.

  • RC

    Thank you so much. It has been an amazing experience listening to the devotionals.
    I like the way on this video the lyrics show up. Please continue this practice if possible.

    Thank you once again.

  • Nandan

    Awesome. Thank you so much for let us enjoy lovely devotionals in wonderful voices.. really you all well blessed and we are blessed to hear you.

  • Nimmy

    I really don’t know why my eyes were filled with tears while watching this beautiful hymn. Really touched my soul. Great Job, My heartfelt appreciation to the team behind this wonderful effort. Also, May God Bless the kids with more and more opportunities.

  • Jit

    Pure blessing! A mesmerizing experience to listen to these divine songs. May God Bless the kids and give you more joy and inspiration to carry out this wonderful job.



  • Rashmi

    Sooryagayathri’s soulful voice in ‘Jai Raghunandan jai SiyaRam’ keeps ringing in my ears since the start of the day as I’ve set it as my morning alarm! I’ve all of you two’s songs and now I’m very eagerly awaiting the new release of “moko kahan dhoondhe re bande….”!!

  • Vijay Singh

    Awesome! Excellent!
    It’s just beautiful and inspiring! The song…the music…the singers…the lyrics…the melody… everything is just perfect!

  • Velavan

    Excellent singing by kiddos!!! shows the nurturing and practice given by Guru and parents. Truly inspirational!!!!

  • Saravanan

    Excellent divine music which melts my heart.Even it melts my 6 months new born baby as well.He loves your music and reacts to it by giving sound.My elder son loves all songs from the list.We are listening songs almost everyday.Please visit US once and give some live concerts.We are waiting for that

  • Purushotham prabhu

    Divine, soulful, makes one forget everything and become immersed in music. Thank you very much for such a beautiful rendition, its full of Bhakti rasa, which gives ananda to every soul that listens. Words can not describe the joy I feel in my heart when I listen the music sung by little Soorya Gayathri and Kuldeep M. Pai. Specially when I listen Ganesha stuti sung by Soorya Gayathri and Kuldeep M. Pai.

    God bless you.

  • Nandha

    There is no words to say. Excellent voice. I am really feeling divine when sooryagayathri and Rahul vellal sing the Brahmam okate…

  • Nandha

    Thank you Mr. Kuldeep M Pai

  • Sivapathi

    Today is the most important day for me in my life because by Gods grace I come to know such a wonderful musician Shri Kuldeep Ji and Lovely kids Suryagayathri Rahul. Really Ji yourself and the kid’s voice is excellent and God has given all you the right duty and all performing well. I wish all for you to continue this and give more for us. Jai Sai Ram.



  • Vennilamuthu

    FIirst I heard Lord Murugan song than I visited website of Mr Kuldeep by gods grace .

    Vandhanam, Namaskaram to Shri Kuldeep

    Great job Motivating spiritual in children as of now even parents are not giving importance to teach spiritual to their children
    Believe many children feel Godliness and sing the spiritual songs through your albums

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