sooryagayathriSooryagayathri is a charming, young girl with a golden voice who is capturing the hearts of music lovers across the globe. The videos on several social media sites featuring Sooryagayathri in the ‘Vande Guru Paramparaam’- spiritual musical series, produced by ace Carnatic vocalist, Sri Kuldeep M Pai, have raving reception in nations far and wide. She is an abundantly blessed singer whose Bhava- filled, soulful singing has been compared to that of the doyen of music- M.S. Subbulakshmi herself.

Ten year old Sooryagayathri hails from the village of Purameri in Vadakara, North Kerala.

She is formally trained in Carnatic music by Smt. Anandi and Sri Nishanth. Sri Kuldeep M Pai has been her mentor both musically and spiritually whose guidance has helped her navigate her role as an outstanding musician. Her father, Sri P.V. Anilkumar is an accomplished Mridangam artist in Kerala and her mother, Smt. P.K. Divya is a poetess with a natural flair.

Coming from a family immersed in different art forms, she possesses extreme curiosity to learn. She is a dedicated and sincere learner, meticulously following the teaching methods of her Gurus. Inherently humble and unassuming in nature, she is focussed on making music a way of life, under the able guidance and tutelage of her immensely talented gurus.

Watch Sooryagayathri singing – Click here


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