Dear Kuldeep M Pai and our little divine Sooryagayathri.

Pranaama. I feel highly blessed to be your contemporary. Kids needs Guru like you. You both are leading us to involuntary meditation while listening to your divine stream. Watching and listening to divine Sooryagayathri is bliss absolute. You are the torch to the divine treasure of Sanatana Dharma Bhakti. We are experiencing true bliss absolute. We can only express our gratitude for giving us this divine experience. May He bless you with abundant strength. What we can offer to Chy Sooryagayathri? Just our pure love and admiration. My Pranaama to the parents of little Sooryagayathri. Kindly don’t slip to movie land under any circumstances. Let the purity, sanctity and bliss you bring out be not distorted by any other temptations. God Bless You All. Hari Om Krshna.

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