Recently I have started listening to your videos from Youtube. I listened to almost all videos including Vishnu sashsranamam, mostly all vidoes was sung by kids. I love it and am loving it. I am writing this while I m hearing ganesha music.

It gives me constant pleasure while I am at work. And to my family as well when we play. Most of the below videos are now my everyday partner. It gives me so much pleasure. It has lot of life. It englightens my soul. And now I am searching for my words to explain my thanks.

Ganesha, narayanam bhaje, Shivaya, aigiri nandini, bhagyada Lakshmi baramma, radhe govinda, hanuman chalisa, sri ram kripalu nagendra haraya, etc.

I wish sometime you come up with lalitha sahasra namam with kids. I know you have another video of same with Roopa, your wife.

So thank you all and have a wonderful life ahead. God bless.


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