What our admirers say…
Dear all… Here is the place for you to express how we have touched you through our music.Thank you for being with us!

Out of the world journey to music

I kneel down and touch your feet and those little ones for i see Godess Sharade in you all. Now a days I am becoming so emotional and breaking down every time I listen to the devine rendering of your goodselves and young ones especially SuryaGayathri. I am not able to control my tears even after listening those renderings for many times.

Let me admit that I am not a musician but a great lover of music. This is the only thing that rejuvinates me inpite of our routine boing pot work nature.

Keep it going sir. Many more such talents are waiting for your guidance. There is a lot spoken by my heart which I am not able express due to my limited vocabulary.

Premakumar K S

Kuldeep works like Satyajit Ray of Indian Cinema! (From YouTube)

No rastra gan or national anthem by tagore or sare jahan se accha by iqbal really brings out the importance of guru parampara and gyan ganga as the most important precious heritage of this country. Anything which is worth praising in this country is this guru parampara heritage only. This song has really given a meaning to celebration of independence day. The video presentation is excellent. Kuldeep works like satyajit ray of indian cinema, who Inspite of meagre technological resources in kolkata produced world class movies.
Divine Satsang

Mission of spreading Spiritual Music (From YouTube)

Dear Sri Pai, Please go ahead with your mission of spreading spiritual music. Just go ahead. God will be with you all ways. Convert all negative advises to positive and you and Kum Soorya are contributing the best to the world. Both of you are selfless and you are bringing such a great positive message through India’s music, culture, tradition, heritage, scriptures,…. Again god will always be with you.


When wisdom meets a seeker this would be the result

It is rare to see the wisdom reaching the talented. Here we have the talented Sooryagayatri and the wise Guru Kuldeep. What more can we expect than a warm result of enlightening and encouraging humanity and the next generation with that mixture of sincereity, dedication and hardwork. You both are inspiration to many!

A P Sharma

Divine Work

The Lord chooses His instruments for His work. Kuldip ji and his team of singers are indeed instruments to bring the rich heritage of our land to us. The elders have mastered their perfection in due time. It is a wonder to watch these youngsters singing with simplicity and innocence. Every video is a treasure – that soaks the listeners in ecstasy.

In this amazing journey, we wish you further success, in reaching out to different places the vast treasure of our land through \’Vande Guru Paramparam\’.

Chaity Biswas

You Inspire us!

Kuldeep, you Inspire us. Your passion for music, along with your spiritual involvement in it, takes this musical journey to the next level. Congratulations to you, for grooming budding talents and encouraging one and all!

Rajam Suryanarayanan

Spreading spiritual serenity through your music !!!!!

Your music through kids has a lastimg impact on us and I’m sure on everybody. You are briging a great revolution through music which is necessary at present time. My family enjoys your devotional songs every morning. Your little girls are divine bliss. All the videos radiates lot of positive energy. Thanks a lot for teaching us to bring out divinity in kids.I wish you , students and team to be more succesfull and be known worldwide for your divine work. We are blessed to come across your music videos and grateful to you. GOD BLESS !!



” After a long time, we are seeing such versatile artists who are giving the best out of them and bringing out the core essence of Music & Art of our Mother India. It seems to be our cultural heritage has been re-established in artistic forms through deployment of the curious children by giving them practices on divinely values & learning ”

May God bless you all in journey to the great ahead.

Thank you!



listening to the little ones sing is the how we start our day.

No words to express the feeling . U r just fantastic!

Archana Aramudan

Musical Energizing of lives…..

Dear Kuldeep ji, I am big fan of yours. u have not only taken the music to a greater height but u have changed the view towards spirituality also. U have shown that when God worship is blended with music, it increases the peace and dedication many folds.All your compositions are superb. The Panchakshari stotram sung by Suryagayatri is soul touching.
Excellent work. Keep it up.


It’s only one word.. DIVINE..!!best

It’s only one word.. DIVINE..!!best wishes to you and your team in all your future musical endeavors..!!

Golthi Uma Mahesh



You are doing a tremendous job of spreading joy through music. The little musicians that you bring to light are an inspiration to our children. I speak of it from my own personal experience. My 10 yr old daughter gets inspired to learn whatever your little musicians come up with. Please keep doing what you are doing. A big Thank You for making classical music interesting for children.

Rama Akkiraju


It is wonderful to hear the spiritual songs which further leads our mind to strive hard to realise the ParaBrahma. As Krishna says\” In Vedas, He is Sama veda\”. Namaskar is the highest order of submission to supreme Lord.Namaste to you and your team …


Tidal waves of music

My friend, you and your team doing awesome and making music world blossom in multiple phases and tasting the real taste of music to the world. All the best my friend.


Listening again & again & again….not reaching a saturation.

The most required BP for all of us(Bhakthi & Patriotism). My listening not getting saturation.
Especially Mahishasuramardhini Sthotharam, Vandhe Maatharam and Hanuman Chalisa.



Kuldeep and kids are really blessed.
Such a wonderful culture Bharath has and it’s being brought out through this younger generation in such a beautiful way.
Vande Guru Paramparaam..the name says it all..
Here’s wishing the wonderful teacher Kuldeep and all his divinely students all the very best for all their future endeavours and keep enriching us with your music .

Saraswathi Balaji

Blessed Ones

You are really doing a wonderful job by making each and every one of us feeling very proud for being born in a country with such a vibrant musical culture. Please keep doing this!!

Aditya Panchangam

Feel a nearness to God

It is indeed a great pleasure to listen to u and cute little ones chanting the shlokas.The way u identify their talent,nurture and train them is commendable. Hats off to you. I feel nearness to God whenever I listen to the litleones singing. Will expect a lot from u an litleones .My best wishes to ,ur team and kids.

Thanu Chinnappa

Soorya Gayathri .

SURYA BHAGHAWAN has Blessed SOORYA by the GAYATHRI Mantra and named her as Miss. SOORYA GAYATHRI , and now along with
Sri Kuldeep.M.Pai, spreading the Music like the KIRANAGHAL from LORD SURYA thought the World.


A virtual Guru

Dear Sir
You & Sooriyagayathri are a virtual Guru to my kid. She started singing songs after listening to your videos.
Thanks is just not enough.


Padabhi vandanam to saraswati swaroopam

Keep going on kuldeepji.you are a “karana janma” to bring a positive change to our rich indian culture through little ones.🙏



Dear Paimam- Thank you for grooming such a wonderful talented singers.Awesome.God bless you all.I have become you fan.That little Suryagayathri is really a wonder kid.

K Jayanth Nayak

Wonderful Experience

Feeling a wonderful experience while hearing your songs.Ayigiri Nandini,Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma and Ganesha Pancharatnam will take us another level.All great ones blessings always be with you and Sooryagayathri.Best Wishes…

Prasoon v v


I have been listening to Kuldeep M Pai and his disciples over the years. A very creative person! Hearty congrats!!

Varadaraj V


My family loves to listen to all the videos of yours. We listen to them almost everyday.

Special mention about Sooryagayathri. She\’s a child prodigy & Mr. Kuldeep, you have groomed her so well. We love her rendition of Hanuman Chalisa & also the latest Namo Bharathamba song.

Also, Navadurgas singing Ayigiri Nandini is a feast for both eyes & ears.

Mr. Kuldeep, Please continue what you are doing. (Also you have an amazing voice). It\’s a great service that you are doing for music lovers like us & for the future generation too.

Manjula Senthil Kumar


Music by Kuldeep M Pai is divine and superb!Singing by Sooryagayatri is fantastic! God Bless You both! With best wishes!

Gopalbhai Trivedi

Simply Divine.

The first time i heard Kuldeep and Sooryagayatri it touched my heart. Then i searched youtube for all their works and was just amazed to see the good work Kuldeep has been doing. My best wishes to Kuldeep and his entire team. Keep up the good work and stay Blessed.

Bharati Rathod


Hi sir,
I am a keen fan of urs and ur wonderful group.Myself and my kids are growing by your wonderful songs.latest one Om namo bharatambe is really great feast to our ears…though it’s little bit in fast motion…but superbly rendered by your group… yours n sooryagayathri voice is highly divine..,Bhavani Prasad guitar is added musical gem to the crown …mridagam by master is superb … thanks to you..stay blessed…




Ur songs and lyrics are awesome. U should get in touch with ar. Rehman and make albums on Indian music. Keep it up!!!

krishna iyer


My family loves to listen to all the videos of yours. We listen to them almost everyday.

Special mention about Sooryagayathri. She’s a child prodigy & Mr. Kuldeep, you have groomed her so well. We love her rendition of Hanuman Chalisa & also the latest Namo Bharathamba song.

Also, Navadurgas singing Ayigiri Nandini is a feast for both eyes & ears.

Mr. Kuldeep, Please continue what you are doing. (Also you have an amazing voice). It’s a great service that you are doing for music lovers like us & for the future generation too.

Manjula Senthil Kumar


Hi sir,
I am a keen fan of urs and ur wonderful group.Myself and my kids are growing by your wonderful songs.latest one Om name bharatambe is really great feast to our ears…though it\’s little bit in fast motion…but superbly rendered by your group… yours n sooryagayathri voice is highly divine..,Bhavan Prasad guitar is added musical gem to the crown …mirdagam by master is superb … thanks to you..stay blessed…




Dear ji. God bless you and little surya. I am bowled over by your simplicity. The the way in which u dedicate yourself to music and the generosity in bringing up the best in every child made me dumb. My grandchild is a big fan of little surya. God bless you both. Your divinity thro music continue to enthral all your rasikas.

usha Narayanasamy

Awesome divine magnetic voice

Your albums are really very nice and make people watch how many ever times non stop. Soorya voice is mesmerizing all of us she s blessed and all d best for upcoming projects.


Mind blowing

Getting same kind of satisfaction and awesomeness on hearing repeatedly. Proving tht music can do such wonders. Extreme stress relief. Feeling proud n blessed to hear ur songs. Really mind blowing.
Not only music ur voice the effort u r taking to reach the audience. Simply super. Praying God for much more success n happiness of u.each n everything is breaking the record of previous one.all r master piece!

Vandhana anand

enlighted my soul with ur divine music





देश का दीप. कुलदीप



Surya gayatri gave a sigh of bliss to ur songs..

I feel delighted… God’s blessings r with you.continue the same in future. My son 2 yr old after watching ur panchakshari stotra, he learned singing in the same way..by him all my family members learned the same.

Laxmana swamy



jisha manoj

Life Changing Music & Songs

Dear Kuldeep Sir lots of Gratitutudes & Respect from here so that ur Music & Songs are very Heart touching & Emotional & taking me towards devinefull path,& towards tranquility & energized whole day Thanks for U & my Little sister Sooryagayathri(in making M S Subbalakshmi Amma).Best of Luck for u & whole team for future Projects that brings Great Success Ahead & Hopefully if possible i am coming to meet U & Sooryagayathri asap

Vasudev Pai


Mesmerizing soulful blissful music… Touches my heart and not a day goes without listening to your music. God bless the team with good health, peace and happiness always for touching thousands of hearts with your music. Looking forward to attending your concert live some day. God bless ☺️

Bharathi Venkatesh

Only thing just i want

Only thing just i want to say is ” Thanks “

Yogesh Dubey

Divinity in Music

Kuldeep Ji, I do not find any words other than WONDERFUL. Beautifully composed slokas sung by Sooryagayathri and you are so divine. My little daughter who is now 1 year and 3 months always listen to the Ganapathy rhyme and Bhagyadha Lakshmi Baaramma. She calls sooryagayathri as AKKA and you as MAMA. She enjoys your music a lot. Pls continue your efforts. Pls release a CD with all the slokas. God bless all the little ones.

Srividhya Rajhesh

Surya Gayatri and Kuldeep M Pai are Great

Daily I hear Surya and Kuldeep singing Ganesha Pancharatnam,I like it so much I here Amamma, M.S.Subba Laxmi in Surya Gayatri, I here other songs too, Every song has a specialty, My grand daughter is in USA has a little bit music and dance knowledge.God Bless Surya, Kuldeep and their team for their future success.

Nomula Bal Raj


After I start to hear your music I was totally stopped to hear movie songs and I realised what is music.


Hearing gayathri voice n watching

Hearing gayathri voice n watching her guru teaching her is simply superb. That’ Ramachandra kripalu by sooryagayathri is so soothing n soul touching. Such a talent at this young age. Hats off to the guru for training her like this

nalini sankar

Wonderful music from wonder child

Million thanks to Kuldeeep sir for recognising musical talent in miss. Surya Gayatri. Please continue this parampara and feast us with more and more songs. You are the best example of GURU



Dear Kuldeepji!! May God Bless U and Your Team for the Wonderful Service you r doing. You r Giving Soul Touching Divine Music and we Can Feel the Divinity of Surrender in your Musics. You r such a Simple Man with Great Talent. I am a very big Fan for ur Music and started a group in FB \”people who likes Kuldeepji Music\”. பல்லாண்டு பல்லாண்டு இப்பாரினில் இன்னிசையால் இறைவனை எமக்கு உணர்த்திடும் உன்னத மனிதரே! பல்லாயிரம் ஆண்டு வாழ்க !! அருட்தொண்டு சிறக்க மனமார வாழ்த்தி பிரார்த்திக்கிறேன்.



my heartiest blessings to you and you team.everytime i surprise how much talented these kids are .i also appreciate your sincere hardwork in making them as gems.

saraswathi valluri

Best of Luck for u & whole team for future Projects.

Dear Kuldeep Sir lots of Gratitutudes & Respect from here,ur Music & Songs are very Heart touching & Emotional taking me towards devine world ,Thanks for U & my Little sister Sooryagayathri(in making M S Subbalakshmi Amma).Best of Luck for u & whole team for future Projects that brings Great Success Ahead & Hopefully if possible i am coming to meet U & Sooryagayathri asap

Vasudev Pai

best advertisement for our classical music and traditions

Dear Mr.Pai,

Your unique way of finding exceptional musical talent and showcasing it through ever green compositions is extremely commendable. We, the music lovers the world over will be forever grateful to you for this.

When I listen to a Hanuman Chalisa presented by an adorable child with extra ordinary talent, it gives me goosebumps. It reminds me how fortunate I am to have been born in this country with such great traditions and such rich music. It reassures me how bright the future is for our age old music even in the twenty first century.

When a young singer so effortlessly internalizes the essence of a devotional composition with such innocence in her singing, it is not only a testimonial for the timeless beauty of our music, it is also a demonstration of the power of Bhakti. Above all it is also a great advertisement for our music.

I am always inspired when I listen/watch these musical videos.

Raghavendra Shenoy

amazing feeling

you are wonderful kuldeep ji, your team and your positive way always inspires all, keep goin, good luck

Manju Sarma

My Little One’s Delight


My less than one year old daughter is an avid fan of all your videos. She especially likes Soorya Gayathri’s Songs and Rama govind hare by Rahul. Her latest favorite is namo namo bharathambe. She watches all your videos daily, some times twice in a day. Thank you for all your hard work and Kudos to the little ones who have such immense talent. Keep going. God bless.

Charulatha Rajesh

Awsome music from little wonders

M.S subbulakshmi reborn in the name of Surya Gayatri. Many thanks to Kuldeep sir for recognising talent in little kids which nobody has done before.Let this parampara continue to inspire us in the days to come.


Your musical journey through children

Your musical journey through children to instill the greatness of our Gurus and their lifetime work is very touching.
From an individual point of view, you are marching on your journey of self discovery. My sincere wishes to you for
achieving your goal of self realisation. God Bless.

Ragav Krishnan


dear KULDEEP PAI / little sooryagayathri ,
First of all i want to tell you both that i am loving you both for rendering such soothing music,thanks.
Music is somewhat is a universal langauge.
your songs moved me from this world ,into a new peaceful world.
nice voice ,a gods gift
keep the music flows …………
thank you both and all the other singers in your group


My Pranaama to the parents of little Sooryagayathri who brought on to earth the little angel.

Dear Kuldeep M Pai and our little divine Sooryagayathri.

Pranaama. I feel highly blessed to be your contemporary. Kids needs Guru like you. You both are leading us to involuntary meditation while listening to your divine stream. Watching and listening to divine Sooryagayathri is bliss absolute. You are the torch to the divine treasure of Sanatana Dharma Bhakti. We are experiencing true bliss absolute. We can only express our gratitude for giving us this divine experience. May He bless you with abundant strength. What we can offer to Chy Sooryagayathri? Just our pure love and admiration. My Pranaama to the parents of little Sooryagayathri. Kindly don’t slip to movie land under any circumstances. Let the purity, sanctity and bliss you bring out be not distorted by any other temptations. God Bless You All. Hari Om Krshna.


Music, Talent, Technology – a multitalented guru

Mr. Kuldeep, your disciples have great talent and you are working very hard with them too. Apart from the hard work, talent and the gifted voice they possess, its important to reach the common man too. Your style of packaging and sending it to common man’s doorstep is very commendable. Our gurus like Purandara dasaru and other dasa shreshtaru made sure the knowledge they had was simplified and taught to all. We are reaping those benefits even today.

Similarly, your combination of using technology and talent will reap huge benefits in the days to come. Hope someone near and dear to you learns from you and continues this tradition.

Waiting for more from your school of music.

Kashyap Family

Vikas Kashyap


Dear Pai mamu, excellent music by you and Soorya Gayathri. Little children of our families are getting inspired by these songs like Harivarasanam and Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma, a song probably I would been listening for the last 50 years! Please continue with the Gurukula journey. Today while listening to the music of Smt. Aruna Sairam, madam said one thing; it is nice to see that children and people come and sit for three hours, sometimes even to listen to one of their favorite songs! like Vishamakara Kannan and Kalinga Narthana. That is the power of music! May god bless you all by staying on the tip of your auspicious tongues and produce the sound that makes all of us pure and simple.


Amazing Renditions

The rendition of Aigiri Nandini, which is one of the toughest Aartis in our Culture, was amazingly done by extremely talented Navdrugas. Thanks for such transcendental music



Really,we felt very happy on hearing your musical hits with Soorya Gayathri.We wish you a great success in all of your attempts .God bless you.



Dear sir,
Thank you for creating such lovely devotional songs. My daughter, Harshini is turning one on 9 Sept. She loves your Ayirinanthini. To pacify her, I just need your bhajans and she is clued into it. Truly mesmerizing.

Dashini Satgunam

Sivaya Guravenamah, Sri Matreinamh

Drawn by the Divine Voice of Little Goddess “Surya Gayathri”.
For me She is “Gaana Mathaa – Saraswathi” and her Guru is none other than “Shiva”.
Hence “Sivaaya Guravei Namah, Sri Matrei Namh”. Continue to bless us with your divine singing.

Venkat Palaparthi


Dear Sir
Its simply mesmerising to listen to the soulful musical journey of Guru Shisya Parampara…Thank you so much for the nuances of classical music…all the best and keep rendering the beautiful Parampara.

Preeti V Kadam

Heart Touching Songs.

Cried unknowingly while I listen to your songs..Great work. Especially kids songs were too good.

M Senthil Kumar

Divine Music from Heaven

Dear Sri.Kuldeep garu,

I heard the divine music of Ch.Suryagatri, its purely God gifted. Divine music from Heaven.
I have a strong faith God from Heaven already listen her music and blessed her.
pl. accept my congratulations for your providing such Divine.
i remember MS.Subbu lakshmi amma once again in her voice.

your sincerely,
msrh prasath


Awesome Bhajans

I was amazed to see my 4years old daughter loves watching your bhajans in you-tube. As soon as one gets over she says “Amma,put me the next song”. Really you are spreading the importance of Bhajans to Younger generation. Keep up the work.
All the very best.

Priyanka Ramanan

what a singing

sir i don’t know proper english to write
i impressed your music and singing
very very much sir.
thankyou very much sir.



A soulful singing indeed, how many times have played your bhajans, so divine ! The little one is so fortunate, for me its like a purification journey that transports me into the world of the divine. I am truly thankful to you both.

It fills my heart with gratitude inexpressible for the wonderful posts on youtube. A great seva to inspire us and the young generation. generation.

May all Good attend you both always..

With prayerful offerings,

Anupama Purohit

Great guru and shisya

Hello sir,
We r not from musical family .My girl she is 5years now .from her 31/2 years she is hearing your songs from YouTube and she started to sing most of ur songs herself and her first guru is you .seeing her interest in music I am sending her to Carnatic music class .i am grateful to you and I wish you have to bless my girl Taarika to do good in her interest towards music .daily in sandhya neram she will listen to your songs and practice all the songs herself .i am really thank ful to u from bottom of my heart.narayanam Bhaje and bhaja govindam is her favorite song.long live you and ur shisyas .